Bag Review: Celine All Soft Bag

Celine can really do no wrong! Ugh. Ok kidding. I’m not giving you that frustrated grunt because I’m tired of Celine but because it gives me (and everyone else) more reason to want the bags!

I noticed that there are a lot of knockoffs and “wannabe” Celine bags out there of late– and we’re not just talking about the Luggage Tote and the Trio. We’re talking about the other styles of Celine too. I was at Zara a few days ago and noticed there were a good 3 bags there that looked remarkably like Celine. It’s a good thing that they didn’t blatantly copy the bags completely (haha or you’ll hear it from me).

The Celine All Soft has caught my eye recently.

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 I love this whole idea of color- blocking on the soft fold- over leather because it makes the bag so much more versatile and modern. Structured bags are my thing too, but the softer bags seem to have a more modern appeal.

I’m still quite torn between the All Soft and the Edge, although I’ve noticed that the Edge was a little more difficult to carry especially when you need to retrieve a constantly ringing mobile phone– unless you end up carrying the phone on your hand at all times.

The Celine All Soft. Not a new bag, but definitely caught my eye recently. Hmm… Birthday month coming up! 😀


  1. I saw Celine knockoffs in Greenhills worth 25k Php. Yikes, there are people who actually spend that much for fakes?

  2. I suggest the edge bag, I recently got one myself and am satisfied with it. It’s not that hard to open the zipper coz the leather attached to it is quite long. I think soft bags are a bit harder to use than structured ones coz they’re slouchy and can’t stand on their own, just my opinion though 🙂

  3. I love all what Celine does, but the only problem for me is her bags are really too heavy and I love light bags…:)

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