Bag Review: Baby Blue Miu Miu Tote

I’ve never really liked pastel colored bags– generally I wouldn’t although I’d make the odd exception to getting a small sized one. Until I saw this Miu Miu Leather Toteicon! Oooh it was loooove!


This bag faintly reminds me of another Prada bag. What I do love about this bag is that it looks like the perfect travel tote. The bag can be carried on the shoulder and it works well because the top part of the bag tapers out to a wider bottom– it won’t be as bulky to carry. It can also be carried a la Victoria Beckham (as far as I remember, she was the first to be photographed carrying the bag this way).


The interior of the bag has different compartments as well so you don’t have to go searching an abyss for your ringing phone 🙂

This Miu Miu bag comes highly recommended. I love the color combination and love the actual style of the bag as well. It might be a bit heavy– and this is my opinion only because of late I’ve only wanted to carry small bags, but it’s definitely a good bag for long- term use.

For more about the Miu Miu Leather Toteicon, click HERE.


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