Bag Review: Aranaz, Affordable and Proudly Philippine- Made

I’ve received comments every so often about how I barely blog about Philippine- made bags (or Philippine fashion for that matter). I actually have! Bea Valdez, Celestina, Joanna Lhuillier are 3 brands I’ve written about– and their products are made in the Philippines 🙂

Every time I find something interesting to write about (both local and foreign), I share it here on my blog 🙂 So today, I am sharing a photo of my new bag, proudly made in the Philippines by Aranaz.

Linya: Made with snakeskin trim and hand-woven striped Ifugao fabric (and yes, this fabric is pre- Prada stripes :D)

The shoulder strap is detachable, so the bag works as a clutch as well. Priced approximately US $60 – $65. I think this is an exceptional deal for a bag this pretty 🙂 I love it!!

Here’s an action shot (again, don’t mistake this for a style shot) so you can get an idea of the size of the clutch
Awww my poor doggie Elvis looks so ashamed to be seen with me hehehe!
Sometimes, with all the complications that modern bags have to offer (hardware, lots of straps, stylized zipper enclosures), it’s nice to go back to a bag in its most basic and simplest form. And it helps that this is designed by a Filipina and is made here in my home country.
An east- west clutch fashioned after my bag’s similar clasp enclosure, priced approx US $55- $60
I like that this looks very clean. This would be a perfect “day” clutch

Other noteworthy bags from the Aranaz trunk show over the weekend:

The “Amorita” Basket tote: The perfect weekend market bag with Ikat straw embroidery
The large market tote costs between US $73- $78.
A close-up of the neon- colored Ikat straw embroidery details on the clutch version of that market tote above
Amorita Disco
I enjoy seeing details like these “origami twists” on this leopard print- lined woven buri bag
Tali vertical tote
There were also very interesting origami- inspired clutches in snakeskin called “Starfish” and “Seahorse”. 
One thing that stands out with Aranaz bags is their continued and clever use of materials that are native to the Philippines– and they have kept designs modern and very interesting!
The beautiful women behind Aranaz:
Amina Aranaz- Alunan with her very handsome son
Amina’s beautiful mom Becky
Aranaz bags are available at the Aranaz boutiques in Rockwell Power Plant Mall and in Greenbelt 5, both in Makati, Philippines.  Proudly Philippine- made 🙂
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  1. My daughter gifted me with a blue colored, brown leather handled – OB like bag which is a favorite because of its superb craftsmanship…the handles got some cracks on the sides, but the entire body is as good as new after it was bought almost five years ago. i have a very special attachment to this bag and hope could have the straps done just as it is. Please recommend where I could have it repaired, if still possible. Thanks!

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