Bag Review: An Embellished Chanel 2.55

I had the chance to drop by Galeries Lafayette yesterday (the first time since I was in Paris this season)– I didn’t intend on shopping for bags by the way (and haha, no I’m not being defensive). I was there to buy some cheese lol. But hey why not pass by the Mode building first 🙂 And so I did– and passed by Chanel.  I saw this bag.

Quite frankly, I am baffled that this bag should cost soooo much (well apart from the fact that Chanel leather bags only seem to increase in price year on year)– it was a “couture” bag I was told. But here’s the deal though. Anyone can walk into a fabric or crafts store and buy those exact findings to sew onto to the bag. It’s not like paillettes that need to be “perfectly” sewn together (there’s a much more acquired skill for that than attaching these findings randomly). Heck I know I can sew those findings onto a plain fabric Chanel bag *oye and I can’t sew properly either, but that I can do for sure :D*

I don’t know, this bag’s price just doesn’t sit too well with me. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a pretty cool bag. Actually, it rocks. But it’s just not worth its asking price.

What do you peeps think?


  1. The bag looked better in this photo than in flesh. I am too, baffled with this bag when I saw it in the Chanel store. It could have been sitting in Zara. Honestly.

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