Bag Review: Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag

Hey peeps! As you might have noticed, I am a little absent online on weekends of late– and I apologize for this. I’m still in the process of organizing my new place and have also been attempting more sleep and more time with la famfam ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway it’s a very beautiful Monday and I’m off to Amanpulo in a few minutes. So I’m taking the opportunity to write a bag post before I fly out to have some serious peace and quiet moments of reflection in the next few days– oh I’ll still blog, but I won’t be checking my phone or the internet as constantly as I do when I’m here in the city ๐Ÿ˜‰

I want to talk box bags. A lot of brands have their own version now of the “box” bags *which I have taken to calling “baby boomer” bags because this particular style was once real popular in that time period haha*– the most popular of these “box” bags being the Hermes Constance (or at least this bag was the only one that maintained its desirability throughout the years). And then there was the Celine Box Bag.

This is another box bag that has caught my eye:

Alexander McQueen’s The Heroine Shoulder Bag

The Heroine is beautiful. And this shoulder bag version is really nice as well. I like that black was used as an accent color. This bag is so much sleeker than a lot of other box bags that I have seen.


I’m not exactly too keen on chain strap bags but Alexander McQueen’s box has made that work well, design- wise. I did wish though that the strap was detachable and comes with a longer strap for cross- body wear. But then again the bag was really designed to look polished and not casual. It’s really pretty when carried!

The Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bagย is available HERE.


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