Architect-Turned- Bag Designer!

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Last night, I managed to catch Chito Antonio’s bag launch at the Silver Vault inside Rustan’s Shangrila Tower.

Architect and interior designer Chito Antonio (son of Philippine National Artist, Arch. Pablo Antonio) is very well- known and is considered one of the best in the Philippines for his exceptional taste in home interior styling. He recalls being fascinated by jewelry designs as far back as when he was still an architecture student. So it was only befitting that he came up with this bag collection– a marriage of his appreciation for exquisite jewellery, precious objects and his inspiration from women with impeccable taste.

Creating clutches and minaudieres in 925- sterling silver with jewels was something that made sense to Chito. “Many women like to combine jewelry pieces harmoniously to create a look of their own. My evening clutches were designed with today’s women in mind–  women with flair and individuality.” Chito had recalled the Duchess of Windsor as well as his mother’s own powder compact case (a trademark piece which was made by a jeweler in Florence) to guide his design aesthetics.

This piece below is my favorite because it is so elaborate and intricate that there is no more need to wear any piece of jewelry on you– the silver weave clutch with florals of citrines, tourmalines, and garnets is strong enough to go without earrings/necklace/bracelet! The bag has become the jewelry too!

Other pieces include this very festive garnets, tourmalines, and cubic zirconia florals on the silver weave clutch which seems so perfect for Christmas. These woven silver clutches were handmade in Thailand by craftsmen that Chito had worked with in previous years.

More clutches with semi- precious stones and pearls below:

These intricate minaudieres came in limited pieces only so if you have become averse to carrying an evening clutch that someone else at the party is also most likely to carry, then one of these Chito Antonio minaudieres is perfect for you 🙂

Chito’s clutches are available at the Silver Vault in Rustan’s Shangrila Tower, Philippines.



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