An Update + A Brief Pause…

Hi everyone! Yes I have not posted in a long time. And no not because I did not want to or did not have any material to share. I have so much in fact, and don’t even know where to begin. I still owe you stories about fashion week, about my Germany- Austria- France Easter break trip, & about the behind the scenes story of my cover shoot for Lifestyle Asia Magazine in London.

If you are following me on Instagram and on Snapchat, then you are pretty updated with what’s been going on with me in the places I go πŸ™‚ And when I’m not on the plane, I am spending a lot of time with family. So many developments have been happening off social media, and you also might want to read a bit about it on Lifesyle Asia Magazine, out online on Magzter (download the app and sign up), as well as in your favorite newsstands. Haha I know, shameless plug there πŸ™‚

For laughs, here is a photogrid of the magazine cover– on the left is unphotoshopped by the magazine and shows the real me, wider girth and very toothy laugh and all, and the other was photoshopped by Lesley Mobo lol *I can’t get over this– coz I am liking my newly recreated look lol… kidding, I’m happy with how I look– esp after the nose was reborn, but I’m done with face alteration. Have very low threshold for pain lol!! And hah, there’s no way I’ll get a waist that small, but thanks for envisioning it for me, Lesley LOL*, the talented designer whose minidress and jacket I wore on the cover.

La- photogrid

Anyway I do want to share so much more of my story– because apart from what I have mentioned above, I do have much more to tell. I have also been so sick in the last few weeks (from that time I arrived from Paris) each time I set foot on Philippine soil haha. Asthma, rhinitis, and voice loss *before I left for Bangkok, & now that I’m back it got worse haha* People say it must be pollution. I say I am suffering from overfatigue with all that travel haha. But bottom line I do need to rest. Season 3 of The Bag Hag Diaries on Star World ends in 2 weeks, which means I have to go back to writing for the paper too– something I hadn’t done in awhile and hopefully something my editor doesn’t punish me for haha *sorry!!!*. I also have tech issues– internet at home is working at a snail’s pace, and I need to figure out how to manage my photo albums on my phone-to-laptop because the photo files are too big and each need resizing for the blog– time which I don’t have for at the moment. Plus I don’t know how to use a photo editor other than the one Apple has. And it doesn’t wanna save with a new file name *my personal horrors with technology*.

Please bear with me for a bit longer. I am also in the process of getting reacquainted with different social media platforms but I assure you, I’d have figured this all out before my birthday πŸ˜‰ Ahhh, adult life πŸ˜‰ Cough. Mid-life!!!

I miss writing here so much and I miss reading all your comments more!

Chat soon peeps!!


  1. I just read the mag (you look stunning on the cover). I felt your pain and admire your courage. If we were face to face, I’d give you a bear hug. Cheers!