Amanpulo: Service Excellence Redefined

The past 2 days have gone by so fast. Before I continue posting photos of the rest of the island (including that US$4-6M villa), I need to acknowledge the wonderful people who have made our stay in paradise, perfect (I say perfect because for real, everything was PERFECT).
Nick Juett, the general manager of Amanpulo, who welcomed us as we stepped off the plane. Very warm and very welcoming!!
Nick also came by to see us during dinnertime at the Beach Club 🙂 I was told his wife also stays in the island but was currently away.
Noel Barrameda, the sales manager at Amanpulo, who also welcomed us as we got off the plane, and later hung out with us for dinner– actually for the past 2 nights.
Totally enjoyed his company! 🙂 We were all so busy chatting and telling stories about our travels that we forgot about the time! Poor guy had to sleep late because we were so chatty 😀 Sorry Noel 🙂
And then there’s Michi Zepeda, the assistant villa manager.
She so kindly toured us in one of the 4 bedroom villas (aka the million dollar villas ) And she patiently waited for us as we embarrassed ourselves with our impromptu pictorials hahahaha. We all had a great time with her too!
Food and Beverage Director Harish Nair, who made sure all our meals were two thumbs up. Super friendly guy from Kerala, India (there are also Aman resorts in India, woohoo :D) who was always around to ask how our food was– without fail! 🙂
Speaking of food, here were the meals we had over the past 2 days 🙂
At the Beach Club, we had Spanish food… I must say that the tapas  we tried were all fantastic. We had croquetas, chorizos,
gambas *soo fresh!!*

calamares (I practically finished this on my own without sharing them with the others hahaha *selfish!*)

For our main course, we had fideua (or Spanish pasta)– this was excellent; and paella, which was also fantastic!
Lunch was served at the Picnic Grove– we chose to have pizza, as Noel and Harish had highly recommended it.

Rocket (arugula) salad with olive oil- balsamic vinegar dressing

Gamberoni pizza.  The shrimps are really sooooo fresh. I loved this pizza.

Salsiccia (sausage) pizza– this was so good with their chili and garlic oil

Le Chef (thank you– the meal was really lovely, and the gamberoni pizza is the BEST shrimp pizza I’ve ever tasted to date).

On the second night, we went to the Lagoon Club for the Vietnamese food

Desserts were compliments of Noel, and though I did say I was already holding back on eating (because believe me, if you saw me in my swimsuit, you’d tell me I am …. fat. Yes. There. I said it. I look thin, but when I trade in all those everyday clothes for swimwear, the truth *love handles, cellulite, that huge gut* all come tumbling out hahahaha)
Anyway hahaha sorry for grossing you out and straying. As I was saying, sampler desserts were served.  🙂
I was told to try the Star of Anise ice cream, and so I did. I did not regret having that scoop of ice cream 😀 It was a tad too sweet, but the aftertaste was something else. And it was GOOD!
The next day when we were off to snorkel again, that very scoop showed up on my friggin’ belly. *oh crud! Scowls* hehehe.  But hey, at Amanpulo, there was no one to judge you *hahahaha* except yourself hahahaha.
I have to thank the peeps who took us into the sea to snorkel
(who also watched over me, making sure I don’t sink because I refused to wear my life vest while snorkeling hahahaha *Mrs. T wanted to look trés cool hahaha– and oye, I did NOT sink hahaha*)
Oh and the coolest thing about being in Amanpulo? These really hospitable island staff always make sure you are very comfortable, are always (I mean, ALWAYS) smiling and waving to you, and oh yeah– are always ready to bring those frozen towels to you and are always ready to drive you around the island if you’re too lazy to drive your own golf cart 🙂 *Each casita gets a golf cart– so guess who was joyriding all over the island? Hahahaha*
Granted, Amanpulo may be a pricey place for a vacation, but this excellent and unparalleled service that you get is truly priceless. Amanpulo has just redefined “customer service”. And take note, this service excellence is not found in some foreign country– it’s found right here in the Philippines, just 1hr. 5mins. away from Manila! I can guarantee that you will NOT regret going to Amanpulo.
Convinced yet?  More photos tomorrow 🙂
Mrs. T

  1. Mrs. T,

    love your reports. how are the prices for the food, is it expensive? we are going there soon and cannot wait!

  2. @Chula Vista: hehehe 🙂 Don’t worry Im sure you’ll be able to go there!!! Stay positive!!

    @RG: I left message on my later post coz I couldnt get on this comment form earlier! Weird

    @Michi: See you!!! xx

    @Emily: Come to Manila and let’s do Amanpulo 🙂

    @Anon: Food prices are not inexpensive. But they’re good– especially the pizza and the paella!!