Accessory Lab x The Bag Hag Online Sale for Yolanda (Haiyan) Victims!

The last few days have really shook the nation and the world with images of completely devasted Tacloban (and neighboring towns in Leyte) due to the wrath of Typhoon Yolanda/ Haiyan.

My own Nana still has yet to hear any word from her 2 other siblings in Biliran Leyte (directly hit by the typhoon), while her other sibling also in Leyte, in the mountainous area, has already gotten in touch with her– and they have lost everything as the typhoon had completely flattened their home. It is stories like these, from people you know who have relatives and loved ones that were severely affected that really make you get up and do something.

Yesterday, I was checking the instagram photos of other people when I came across a remark made by an acquaintance about the other people who seem to have gone about their daily lives as if nothing had happened. I applaud her passion in encouraging more people to help out, as she had mentioned that perhaps the others who have not been helping had not seen the severity of the damage, that this was a calamity unlike any other that the country had ever seen. I do agree with her completely, because we in Manila had been fortunately sheltered from the full wrath of that storm. I also had to add that we all have to go on with our daily lives, and do what we do (in my case and in the case of most of my colleagues, we have to write about luxury lifestyle stories and yes, attend certain events and cover them– because that is what we do for a living). In the fashion and lifestyle industry, we are not ignoring what has been happening. In fact I am so proud to note that many of my friends have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, donating undisclosed amounts of money to UNICEF and to PHILIPPINE RED CROSS, volunteering in packing relief goods, and just spreading the word about where help is needed and what is needed by the victims. I applaud them– because while they might be getting castigated for being “insensitive” to the situation because of the work they do and the events they cover in these last few days, they quietly do their work to help the victims. There are always going to be some people who will be more hesitant to “blindly” donate their money to organizations and just pray that the money is put to good use, especially after what has happened to the financial scams of certain NGOs here in the Philippines of late, which is why this post happened.

My friend Dina of Accessory Lab and I discussed what else we could do, and we thought it was a good idea to hold an online sale to raise funds– this way, you are donating, but are getting something back in return too, so no more “blind faith” donation  🙂

Today, I am posting some of my own bags (all pre-owned and as- is unless otherwise stated) which I am selling, 100% sales proceeds of which we will be donating to Yolanda victims for them to rebuild their lives. I had in the past decided to refrain from public broadcasts of things I want to do to help, but this time I need to do it to raise more awareness, so I have to post them here.

Please buy with confidence, these bags are super marked down, are personally mine, and are 100% authentic!! 🙂

GOYARD Saint Louis PM tan black with handpainted “Goyard” name: US$ 460/ PhP 20,000 (with dustbag)



TOD’S pashmy diaper bag: (no inner lining pochette, no dustbag): US$ 350 / Php 15,500


BADGLEY & MISCHKA leopard print ponyhair mini hobo (no dustbag): US$ 90 / PhP 4,000


DKNY multipocket tote with shoulder strap (no dustbag): US$ 100/ PhP 4,500


Dolce & Gabbana medium Miss Sicily in leopart print ponyhair and leather with shoulder strap (no dustbag): US$ 460/ PhP 20,000 


FENDI Selleria Coral Leather Tote (never used, with dustbag): US$550/ PhP 25,000


LANCEL Brown and Blue Leather Bucket Bag (no dustbag): US $ 460/ PhP 20,000


Accessory Lab is also putting these pieces here on The Bag Hag Diaries for online sale, marked down 40% from their original prices. (There is a store sale from tomorrow November 15, until the 17th, Sunday at the Accessory Lab boutique- 2/F Power Plant Mall Rockwell. Tel +632 890-9011) but the pieces featured here are specially marked down and will only be available for online purchase)

1. Moonstones, Iolites, and Pink Tourmaline Drop Earrings set in 925 silver: Was PhP 16,850. Now Priced at PhP 10,110 / US $230.


2. Left and Right- Iolite Poinsettia Ring in 925 silver/ Garnet Poinsettia Ring: Was PhP 9950 ea. Now Priced at PhP 5,970 ea / US$ 135 each.

3. Three- Flower Pink with Green Tourmaline Ring in 925 silver: Was PhP 8,850. Now Priced at PhP 5,310 / US $ 120



4.  Horn Cuff with Semi Precious Stones (chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, amethyst): Was PhP 25,650. Now Priced at PhP 15,390 / US$ 350.



5. Left and Right: Carved amethyst *stone is for calming and for inner peace* (fish on left), (dragon on right) in 925 silver dipped in yellow gold: Was PhP 14,850 ea. Now Priced at PhP 8,910 ea / US$ 205 each.

6. Center: Raw Amethyst Crystal *for calming and inner peace*  in 925 silver dipped in gold: Was PhP 8,850. Now Priced at PhP 5,310 / US$ 120


7. Left: Antique- style Coral drop Earrings in Vermeil (Gold dipped silver): Was Php 9,850. Now Priced at PhP 5,910 / US$ 135.

8. Right: Antique- style Filigree Seed Pearl Earrings in Vermeil: Was PhP 4,950. Now Priced at PhP 2,970 / US$ 68.

9. Antique- style Orange Enamel Ring in Vermeil: Was PhP 2,850. Now Priced at PhP 1,710 / US$ 39.



10. Carved Citrine Money Bag Earrings in 925 silver (Citrine is a stone long associated with wealth): Was PhP 4,850. Now Priced at PhP 2,910/ US$ 67.

11. Carved Citrine Gourd (in Chinese it’s called “Holo”) Ring in 925 silver: Was PhP 5,950. Now Priced at PhP 3,570 / US$ 82.



12. Pear- shaped Citrine set with Blue Sapphires, Green Garnets in Blackened 925 Silver: Was PhP 26,850. Now Priced at PhP 16,110/ US $370. 


13. Pink Stones for Love–

Top Right: A vibrant Rhodochrosite Cabochon Ring Set in 925 silver: Was PhP 8,950. Now Priced at PhP 5,370/ US$ 122.

Lower Left: A Special Pale Pink Star Rose Quartz Cabochon Ring set in 925 silver: Was PhP 12,850. Now Priced at PhP 7,710 / US$ 175.


14.  A Blue Topaz Oval Cut Ring Set in 925 Silver: Was PhP 7,950. Now Priced at PhP 4,770/ US$ 109.


And then the two Goyard Saint Louis PM Totes, both of which are brand new, with tags and dustbags! Choose from either the white or the plum. Each tote was priced at PhP 72,500. Now priced at PhP 43,500 ea/ US $990 ea (Under retail at Goyard!!!)



All these prices above are only valid for online sale, so contact (or call Accessory Lab at +632 890-9011) if you are interested in any of the merchandise above.

– Credit Card payment through PAYPAL only (Account email:
– Personal cheque *clearing of 3-5 days before merchandise release*,
-Cash Upon Pickup
-Bank to Bank Payment Deposit through our account at Banco de Oro (BDO)

We will also be able to ship item to you via Air21 locally or through FedEx internationally at buyer’s cost.

It is one of our little ways of giving back to this country. We all know current situation with the government (I don’t even want to go into details, but if you watch enough news about the Philippines, you’ll know why many have become desensitized and somewhat indifferent and therefore have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to helping the victims), so we are just doing our small part in making sure that we can help those who are affected.

I will be keeping you all updated on where the proceeds from this online sale will go (we are still deciding on whether to purchase more water or turn over proceeds to UNICEF/ Philippine Red Cross).

P.S. I was told by my friend whose doctor is going on a mission to Tacloban that there were already reports that relief goods were getting damaged/ rotten (I’m not sure about the “rotten” part because most of the relief goods I know are dry) because there are only 3 planes that go to Tacloban back and forth, so hopefully we can get confirmation and find out for sure.

Have a nice day, everyone!!!


  1. Well said, Ingrid. There are many that work behind the scenes and prefer not to draw attention to themselves while they carry out charitable deeds. Good on you for setting up the handbag sale.