A Very Alarming Report

Over the weekend, Bryan, Tina, and I went to a small, very local mall in Taipei which had everything from bling to clothes, from real second hand designer bags to yes, fake ones. But something in the mall caught our eyes and we all couldn’t stop ourselves from checking out this one particular bag store.

Fake Hermes birkins. One particular birkin stood out from the rest, presumably because of the color.

A fuchsia ostrich birkin like Victoria Beckham’s (photo credit: yahoo images)

But the one we saw was a fake Hermes ostrich birkin.

The owner of this store modeled the bag for us to see. It was really, really uncanny. This fake Hermes birkin is made of real ostrich skin!

The details of this bag…

looks very real to the untrained eye. The store owner made no attempt to hide that this is a fake. She mentioned these very good fakes are now made in Korea. Not China.

Again, take note, this bag is made of real ostrich skin!!!

It even has a “real- looking” blindstamp. Pretty shocking!

Interior leather lining very similar to that of a new one. Even the zipper pull inside! I was really floored!!!!
A look at the back of the bag. They openly sold this bag as a “very good copy of the real Hermes birkin” for about US$1,700 (converted from NT Dollar) if I remember it correctly. It’s not cheap. If you had this kind of money to spend on a bag, please just go for an authentic designer bag– there are plenty out there that you can buy for that amount.

I posted this because I want you baghags to be very aware that there are now new fakes out there that are very, very well- made. So again, I want to recommend interested first- time birkin buyers to go to their local Hermes boutique to try getting their birkin there first, before even considering other alternatives. And in the event that you decide to go into the black market to procure your birkin, please please please know the reputation of your seller very, very well. I cannot begin to tell you how alarming this fake birkin is to us who have seen it up close.  We have been able to see the discrepancies in leather and quality of this fake Hermes birkin to know that it’s not an authentic Hermes piece, but to the untrained eye, this can really pass as an authentic Hermes birkin.
There may be unscrupulous sellers out there who could try to pass off a fake Hermes birkin as a real one– and it has happened to so many people already, so don’t allow yourself to be a victim of such scam.
Caveat emptor!

Mrs. T
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