A Swift Replacement: Taylor Swift Songs Describe Budding Hiddleston Romance


Ok so this is NOT a bag- related post. I just want to exercise my right to vent LOL. I woke up this morning to news about Tom Hiddleston. His name was trending. So I was thinking finally, they chose him to be the next James Bond. But oh no, this was not to be! For it was a relationship he entered into (well ok, calling it a relationship is rather premature) with some celeb who had just broken up with another celeb. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. Dammit, Taylor Swift has had a swift replacement in the form of a handsome lad, an Etonian, since her breakup with Calvin Harris! (All photos courtesy of The Sun, UK).

I mean, NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS did I think this would happen! Tom has been denying romance rumors with a few women time and again prior to this! He is the internet boyfriend of our dreams! LOL

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I mean seriously, after looking at these photos, I just can’t SHAKE IT OFF! 🙁

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I’m particularly bowled over by this super sweet, heart- melting gesture of him putting on his jacket on her…  Waaaaah couple goals! How can any girl not fall for Tom? I mean, he’s got serious STYLE!

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I hope there is no BAD BLOOD between her and Calvin, especially after photos of them together doing this surfaced! And if this were really true and that a LOVE STORY is unfolding right before our eyes, I am happy for her (insert sourgraping face here lol). But if I were Calvin, I think I’d be seeing RED!

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Remember that time Tom and Swiftie danced together at the MET gala? Methinks Tom was already thinking “I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE.”



Ah well, these NEW ROMANTICS… anger and heartbreak aside (because well, we want Tom to ourselves– every single woman I know was screaming, “But Tom, YOU BELONG WITH ME!!” or “Tom, you are MINE!!!”  haha), there is always hope for love to BEGIN AGAIN.

Does this mean Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are “… NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER?”

Let’s all wait and see then. I don’t normally give a damn about all these celeb hookups and breakups, but this one I do give two cents about! And thank you for not breaking this piece of news tomorrow, my birthday. I seriously wouldn’t have been able to take the heartbreak LOL.



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