7 (or more) Things to Buy in Paris

If you have to buy things less than 10 things in Paris, let me give you some suggestions 🙂

1. A designer bag– French, of course!

Louis Vuitton springs to mind 🙂

Fall/ Winter 2011- 2012 frame bag

Or if you want something that’s not as “mainstream” or logo- a- gogo,  go with Lanvin

Such a pretty bag!!

If you have the budget of a Chanel classic flap but want something a little extra, a little different, go with Celine. Not just a regular Celine luggage tote,  a Celine envelope tote in ultra- luxe python!
One of the most remarkable bags I’ve ever seen!
If you don’t want to spend so much on designer bags, I recommend getting a bag from Longchamp 🙂 Fairly affordable and unquestionably French!

Lancel is also another French brand which has been producing some cute drawstring bucket bags of late 🙂

2.  If you have a thing for shoes, may I suggest Roger Vivier

Something quirky with the signature Vivier buckle please!

Or something from Hermes since Hermes is also very French 🙂

Very comfy slip- ons
YSL is French too, so get your YSL Tributes in Paris. I’ve recently succumbed to buying one *I’ve resisted this for the loooongest time* and am surprised they’re comfortable. 
If you’re not into heels though, visit Repetto to get their famous ballet flats 🙂 Their main shop is on Rue de la Paix– Metro stop: Opera. It’s just a short walk from the metro Opera exit.
3. Should you go sightseeing,  make the Eiffel Tower (the “symbol” of Paris) your first stop! And don’t forget to pick up a souvenir or two with the Eiffel Tower in/on it 🙂  *Tip: You get a superb view of the Eiffel Tower on the Trocadero. Great for photos! Metro stop: Trocadero*

As my friend and editor Mel Cuevas calls it, Adult Silly bandz 🙂 They’re available in most souvenir shops around Paris!

4. While in Paris, don’t forget to have some chocolates and macarons

I prefer macarons from Ladureé *Champs Elysees or along Saint Honoré- Metro stop: Madeleine or Place dela Concorde*, Pierre Hermé (along Rue Cambon. Metro stop: Place de la Concorde, exit Rue Cambon), or from this Japanese patisserie called Sadaharu Aoki (at Galleries Lafayette. Metro stop: Havre Caumartin)

5. To take home for friends and family, more sweets!

Bon Maman Madeleines, Pierre Hermé Pates de Fruits, nougat, and Reynaud almond drageés
You can find Bon Maman Madeleines at Monoprix Supermarket (I recommend a visit to a big Monoprix store– I was even able to buy cheap clothes there one summer– everything was on crazy sale :D)

If you prefer savoury over sweet,  you can buy a LOT of cheese (if you have time, I would highly recommend a visit to the fromageries at Les Halles. Metro stop: Les Halles *be extra careful with your wallet there*), or if you’re lactose intolerant, go for these–

Smoked duck breast and *holds my breath because of PETA*, paté de foie gras  (foie gras is not for everyone though)
6. While in Paris, you also cannot not visit museums! The Mona Lisa at the Louvre is a must- see. You should also visit Sacre Coeur and Montmartre. Have a photo taken by the Arc de Triomphe too! And get yourself a souvenir with all those Parisian landmarks 🙂
A pouch would be handy enough!
Oh while we’re on the subject of sightseeing, you should also take a boat ride on the Bateaux Mouche at night by the River Seine to see the beauty of the city at night– don’t get the cruise that comes with dinner (that’s a rip off. seriously, the food is terrible).  Metro stop for the Bateaux Mouche: Alma- Marceau.

7. Don’t forget to leave Paris without at least a bottle of perfume!

This perfume by Kenzo smells nice 🙂
I also recommend Caron and L’Artisan Perfumes (a personal favorite) if you fancy something less “commercially available”. *Check out shops along Le Marais– they have a L’Artisan shop along Rue  de Francs-Bourgeois. Metro stop: Saint Paul. You can also visit Caron along Avenue Montaigne– metro stop: Franklin Roosevelt or Alma- Marceau*
So far, those are the top must- buys for me. First visit to Paris or frequent traveler, don’t fail to pick up any one of those on the list!  I know I don’t 😀
Hope this was of help to you peeps. Or if you have more suggestions on what to buy, do leave a comment so I can add to this list 🙂


  1. That’s a lovely post!
    I lived 4 years in PAris and I now I live 1 hour away:) All the things you said are such a good description of shopping in Paris:)

      1. I wish I were as disciplined as you. When I go back to Paris (this July, fingers crossed) that PH branch is on my list. That Pain Au Chocolat is haunting me ’til this day. Also, I’m planning to do a Pierre Herme vs Laduree series for my blog. My waistline is already expanding just thinking about it. Haha.

        True about the wine. Every time I bring wine home (and I always bring home some from my dad if I come from a wine country like Italy or South Africa), I feel my bag right away at the conveyor if it’s wet in case the wine spilled. And I open my luggage in the trunk of the car before we even leave the airport, just to be sure.


  2. Great post! The hubby, kids and I will be in Paris this April! First timers in Europe! I have been scouring your blog and doing a copy – paste of the Italy and France entries. Heeheehee!

  3. definitely a good idea to have this kind of list….at least by the time i would be able to visit paris one day ill refer to ur list…..thanks for keeping us up to date….ive been following your blog, fb and twitter i find it exciting and refreshing i get to feel like im travelling just by reading your adventures….

  4. Wow! I love those cute Eiffel Tower bracelets! I didn’t see them when I was in Paris (back in 2006 pa kasi! haha).

    MUST GO BACK! 😀 Love this post! 😀

  5. Thanks so much for this post! So helpful if I push through with my trip to Paris in July 🙂 Where can we get the smoked duck breast and foie gras, just any supermarket? I love scouring the groceries/supermarkets for things one can’t get back home. I bought Rosti, Knorr Arromat and brought home bottles of Rivella from Zurich! ;D

  6. Thanks so much for this post! So helpful if I push through with my trip to Paris in July 🙂 Where can we get the smoked duck breast and foie gras, just any supermarket? I love scouring the groceries/supermarkets for things one can’t get back home. I bought Rosti and Knorr Arromat and brought home bottles of Rivella from Zurich! ;D

  7. Thanks for making your list. I’m bookmarking it so I can refer to it. I have an ultimate dream to go to Europe and shop in Paris!

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