This is truly another sad day for thebaghag, as she had to break some very bad news to a very nice pregnant *yes, pregnant!!* lady who came to have her “Hermes” camel birkin authenticated.

I have met this wonderful lady on several occasions, but it’s actually her first time to pass by Tresorie. She wanted to ask for my opinion about an “Hermes” birkin that she had been able to “bag” through someone here in the Philippines (yes, not even on the internet overseas!). She said, originally, the seller had asked for US$15,000 for it, since birkins really come high and at a premium– I mean, no waitlist and all, but price is high– that’s a given. Anyway, she apparently managed to haggle the price down to US$8,700 so she took the chance and gave a downpayment for the bag.

She brought the bag in for me to see after she had read my blog about that fake black “Hermes” birkin and that scammer of a website that was Haley’s (which by the way, still operates! They probably mix authentics and fakes). She said she had reservations about the camel birkin after having read my blog, so she wanted me to see it.

Here is the birkin. I can tell you firsthand that bag was quite proportioned in person. You wouldn’t even think something was “off” at first glance. But when I saw the “Hermes” brand plate on the belt, I already had an inkling that the bag was fake. Here are more photos of the bag.1. Hermes belt “catchers” are not ridged. This particular one looked shoddy (and there was a small bit of plastic stuck on the edge too!!).
2. The clochette would never have a key ring like that. Clochettes of Hermes bags have keys attached straight to the leather band themselves.

There were some leftover gum “fibers” on the bag!

Authentic Hermes birkins would never show adhesive residue.And they’d never use that kind of smooth, soft leather on the interior lining.

The stamping “Hermes Paris Made in France” looked like it was made of foil– this is the very same type of stamping that was used on the fake black birkin I reported about before. And the metal plate was also exactly the same as that black birkin in the past. It looked like it was poured from a mold which said Hermes_Paris.

Even the key of the fake camel birkin was all wrong– but if you didn’t know what to look for, then you would’ve easily overlooked it. As in, very easily overlooked this detail.

And the clincher? This photo would say it all. That’s not the lining of an Hermes birkin, especially not an authentic Hermes camel togo leather birkin.This bag was really a VERY, VERY good fake Hermes birkin. If you don’t know the finer details of an Hermes birkin, you too, could’ve been duped. 🙁 It was very disheartening for me to see the look on this pregnant mom’s face when I told her that the bag was a fake Hermes. Shame on the reseller if she had knowingly sold a fake *faux* Hermes birkin to this very nice woman. For heaven’s sake, she is pregnant! 🙁 🙁 It’s just as bad as the first time a fake Hermes birkin got bought on the internet by someone I know. This can be a very traumatic experience.

I want to stress this again– if you want to buy an Hermes birkin, make sure you KNOW who you are buying the bag from, and that the reseller (he/she) won’t just “disappear” on you after he/she sold you the bag. Do your research well. Don’t get duped into buying a very expensive fake. Remember, when you knowingly buy a fake Hermes Birkin, you are supporting terrorism and child labor. Buyers beware.