This is really such a timely post. Because just a few days ago while I was in Taiwan, I saw a “wannabe” designer bag. And then here is yet another wannabe designer canvas tote :). I honestly find it quite amusing although I’m not so certain that the designers or fashion houses (whose designs served as inspiration) are amused themselves.The most interesting “wannabe” designer bag I had found was that of Banane’s with their “birkins”. I must admit though that Banane really “copied” the birkin design extremely well, leaving out of course the “Hermes” brand name (or they’d get sued!). Then of course the super adorably funny Celine wannabe tote which I really took a serious liking to (featured a few days ago on the blog)– again, from Taiwan! LOL

The wannabe designer bag issue hasn’t died down by the way, because here is yet another one of them πŸ™‚

I’m actually inclined to think this was not patterned after the Hermes birkin. I think it’s patterned after the Leghila birkin πŸ˜‰

Leghila though, has updated their birkin (I can’t find the classic “birkin” style anywhere in their site for some reason– hmmm…) and added fringes onto the flap. Called it the Franzy bag πŸ˜‰ Very funky and I think great for a beach bag (washable too).
Going back to the other wannabe designer bag, it is by a brand called V73. It seems a lot sturdier than the Banane bag. It is also larger and it seems this would make a perfect weekend tote– for shopping! Personally though I wish they made brighter colors– yes yes I know it’s their Fall collection, but what’s wrong with a little more color, right? At this point I am actually more inclined to purchase the Leghila more than the V73.
The printed canvas tote from V73 is available at LUISAVIAROMA. Tell me. What are your thoughts on this?