One of my favorite “knick knacks” shops in Singapore is Wood Would..

There are just so many things to get in there. I spent a fortune in this shop buying things I know I don’t really need. Tsk. 

I love this floor- to- ceiling glass cupboards/ cabinets! And they stored the cutest things!!

Can’t have enough notebooks, paper pads, stickers,  magnets, tapes… oh gosh… someone please hold me back!

 I ended buying those metal wind- up toys. Very vintage!

 Wooden boxed stamp sets!

Looove this shop. If you send me back in there tomorrow, I can almost guarantee that I will be buying more things 🙂 I only wish I had enough space in my house to “house” everything I like in this shop 🙂

Wood Would is located inside the Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road, Singapore.