Apologies that I have not updated the blog for two days– every night we come back from our day trip has left me so tired!

In the past two days after my last post, we’ve been to Asakusa temple,


Sanrio Puro Land, and Lego Land in Odaiba (Odaiba was so beautiful at night by the way)–


so you can imagine what kind of fun we’ve all been having 🙂 Puro Land to be honest, was quite a disappointment. But the temporary Lego Land Discovery Center in Odaiba was a lot of fun.

The meals we’ve been having so far are incredible– from the sushi at Jiro (with famed sushi chef Takashi Ono (the son of famed sushi king, Jiro Ono),


to the Kobe beef at Seryna.


I promise to add photos in a few hours. I have to get out of bed now for Tsukiji. We decided not to watch the auction happen, but we still will go to the market for some fresh sashimi 😉