Oh my Gawd, do I have a story to tell you!! It’s abhorring to think that a store like “LABELS“, touted by local magazines as the “Best store to buy a designer bag in the Bay Area”, would carry FAKE Louis Vuitton products. I went into this boutique, and found many authentic designer bags like Gucci, Chanel, Vuitton, Moschino, MCM. But at the back of the store where the shoes were all located, was a huge rack full of non-designer bags, AND fake Louis Vuittons!! There was a fake black epi gubelin, fake Cherry blossom cabas piano (yes, afake one– because cherry blossom designs never came in the cabas piano design), and even found a few fake Vuitton monogram perforated leather products!

Me being me, I walked up to the manager to ask if she is aware that they have FAKE Vuittons in-store. Now, what I hate the most about Labels now, is the fact that the manager responded in a very dismissive, unsurprised, and unconcerned way. “Yes we do carry fake Vuittons, but we only take in very very good copies of it. We don’t mislead our customers. The labels on those bags clearly state they’re Louis Vuitton copies”. She continued on “there are so many fakes of Vuitton out there. Why do you think they sell? Our store is able to move the fake ones, so we sell it.” Ok, as soon as she said that, I knew my face was all contorted, expressing utter disgust. She shrugged and said to me again (as if to justify why they sold counterfeit Vuittons), “We don’t mislead our clients”. Ugh. Whatever. And hags, puuuhhhlease do not patronize that store. Any store that carries fakes should not be patronized by the baghags who are against the counterfeit designer bag industry. This is really disgusting.

Anyway, I am not about to dampen your moods with that personal experience and story of mine. I’m actually glad I got to interact with that woman in the store. *Shakes head*. I guess at the end of the day for them, it’s not their store’s integrity but the bottom dollar that speaks for them.

Here are more photos from the other catalogs that I got *Mom apparently received more! woowoo!*

Marc Jacobs quilted bugatti. My DM is seriously lusting for this bag (and so am I haha).I have yet to see this bag, but I think when DM sees it, she’ll definitely take it 🙂 I can’t wait to test drive this bag haha.

Givenchy tote. I am loving this color– is it parchment or dove gray. I have no idea. But when Barneys opens its door to the bag loving public, I shall be there to check it out 🙂

Chanel Alligator Jumbo Classic. Holy smolly. US$26,500 for this jumbo classic. (And check out the bling next to it!! *drool*) I shall wait with bated breath who among the baghags reading this blog, will buy that bag. You can be sure of one thing– it ain’t gonna be me!

Another fully embellished Chanel 2.55. Nice although not too practical.

Lookie, the Philippines’ very own Celestina’s minaudiere made it to the Barneys catalog!! Biig time!

white leather satchel. This boxy bag in white epsom (textured leather) is nice and basic. Valextra produces beautiful (and expensive) bags and luggages (in white too– how unpractical, you must think. But then I think these luggages were meant for the peeps who travel only by private jet hehe… sasssyy). I’ve never really been compelled to own one from the brand yet– I guess I don’t belong to that “moneyed”set to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Valextra (sponsors are welcome forme to enjoy this brand hahaha… tsk, shameless). I love the bag featured (spirit is willing), but my wallet is weak:D

Goyard white saigon. I’ve already seen this bag in black, but this white one I’ve yet to see. It’s beautiful, but I had found the bag real impractical. It’s a very structured bag with little room to put anything inside. It’s like an Hermes kelly, but wayy more structured.

Late in the afternoon, we decided to go to Nordstrom for a walk before heading off to dinner. There’s a big selection of Chloe bags in the bag department. I’m no longer finding it amusing to see all these paddington mutants loitering around the bag shelves, but I did find something nice at Chloe. See those colored patent bags? There’s the emerald colored one and the canary one. I originally thought those were Marni bags, but they were Chloe! Fairly light, and cute. Not something I’d buy though (it doesn’t call my name yet haha), but it’s not such a bad bag (a nice alternative to the age old Paddington design haha).

Then I saw it. The Michael Kors bugatti bag (which I just talked about in the previous post) in patent blue– electric blue!! This is a gorgeous bag. If I had a thousand dollars ++ lying around, I’d totally get this bag for its color! And it’s patent too– patent is here to stay, so it’s a nice bag to have. (patrickkk: You’re right. The MK bugatti bag resembles JPG’s detective bag!)

Ok, it’s dinnner tiiiiime! Today it’s Vietnamese cuisine (well it’s almost like fast food) for us. I loved the drink I had– it’s called soda egg– it’s basically soda water (Canada Dry) with egg blended with condensed milk. I know, I know. Cholesterol *ding ding* But it was so gooood.This was what my aunt ordered. I think it’s vermicelli with grilled beef. Or something 🙂 It was good too!

WOoohoo thank you Mommy PT, I am now officially using my Chanel expandable :)*wigglewiggle*

And before I forget, thebaghag answers some comments:

1. I am not registered online for automatic bills payments :o) *see, thebaghag likes to make her life difficult haha*. I will attempt to have them auto-paid though! Thanks for the suggestion!!
2. To SF baghags: hope to see you hags in the city too! Have yet to go, but would be nice to see you peeps!
3. Re: Anti acne soap: I’ll definitely try that. Did it also reduce the size of the pores??
4. Re: LV Speedy: Heyyyy, like you, I also have to save up too to be able to buy the bags I want 😀 And oh my, I’m sorry your bf found the Speedy bugly, but hey, buy the bag for yourself and not for anyone else:) It’s a seriously good LV bag!!

And lastly, I would like to once again, invite you hags who are in Manila at the moment, to attend the 2nd year anniversary party/ event of DOñA Consolacion Bldg (Home of TRESORIE). The event will feature building-wide sales!! The sale is ongoing throughout the day, but will culminate in a cocktail party at 6pm. You can drink and eat while you shop for Tresor designer bags (LV,Gucci, Prada, Bally, among other brands, priced at Php 20k and below…a lot of those selected bags on sale are actually priced below 10k!)

Sorry for the shameless plug– I’m not there, so this is the most I can do to spread the word. Otherwise, I would’ve partied along with my partners D!Luxe and Tinsley too 🙂 Hope you can pass by and say hello to them! They have prepared some cool stuff for the sale too, so this event should definitely not be missed!!