It may be just one, but this ONE put a sizable hole in my poor pocket. It may have elicited some kind of unpleasant reaction from DH (but what do men *ahem, hubbies* know about these “killer” shoes anyway hahahaha), but I still love her!

Meet the newest member of my shoe family– from Chanel *at Neiman Marcus* 😉

Now the question is: WHERE will I wear these shoes??? *baffled* Ah! I’ll prance around the house with these on (and I’m sure DH is secretly hoping I’d trip so I’d retire these shoes already hahaha. He especially hates the fact that these shoes make me taller– I think I’m a little over 6 feet tall in these hahahaha… Jolly Giant! 😀 *and proud!!!*)
On another note, I’m blogging while my buns are freezing (ok that was a bit exaggerated… I’m sitting in a  warm 70 degF room, but outside it’s -1 degC now, with light snow). I’m in Lake Tahoe with my side of the family to enjoy a little bit of retail abstinence but still a LOT of fun 🙂 *muwahahaha re: retail abstinence– I can’t possibly buy a pair of Chanel snow boots because they’re not available here that would be a complete waste of money and I am NOT wearing them in Manila– I’ve made a fool out of myself way too often and I refuse to make a fool out of myself again by wearing Snow Boots in Manila– those Burberry boots (that make me look like a fireman) are bad enough hahahaha…* Ok, no Chanel snowbunny boots UNLESS: someone out there decides to buy me a nice little log cabin here… Ok better yet, make it a chalet in Gstaad, and a small log cabin in Tahoe hahaha!!
Anyway, more retail stories in the next few days. And oh yeah, I will not forget to post a photo of the pathetic- looking snowman that I made– and all the kids helped by watering the snow to harden it. But oyyyye, I take full credit *coz I like to credit- grab from the kids hahaha* for the design and creation of Snoopy (pronounced Snowpee, not Snoo-pea *muwahahhaa*)!!! 😉
Mrs.T aka Your Neighborhood Snow Bunny Bunion *eeeeewwww hehehe*