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Travelog: 24 Hours in Taipei, The Bag Hag Way!

Travelog: 24 Hours in Taipei, The Bag Hag Way!

I have been to Taipei twice in my adult life before this current one. I was confined to going around in only a few places that time, also perhaps because I was not really free in the afternoons to explore much. This time though, I came with my friends Erika and Lesley, and we were...

The List: Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just 2 days away! And knowing all the guys out there, they’d be looking for gifts for their loved ones at the last minute– again (sooo what else is new lol). Sooooo, pay attention 😀 Women always love flowers but sadly these flowers wilt after a day or so, so be more...

A Moynat Christmas

An early Christmas shoutout from Moynat.  Hmm… the wallet looks very intriguing… So, which piece did you choose? x TheBagHag  Follow Share on Tumblr