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Celebrity Bag: Kate Moss Totes Goyard

Goyard remains a very popular brand choice for a summer getaway bag. The Saint Louis tote in particular is the shopper of choice– especially because of its barely- there weight. Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace are the latest celebrity- celebu-spawn photographed carrying the tote while on holiday in Spain.   There are more...

A Moynat Christmas

An early Christmas shoutout from Moynat.  Hmm… the wallet looks very intriguing… So, which piece did you choose? x TheBagHag  Follow Share on Tumblr

Moynat: iPhone Case!

Moynat is really on the mark. Whilst waiting for your new iPhone5, why not already get yourself Moynat’s couture iPhone case which just made its debut in time for Paris Fashion Week? It’s time to dress up that new phone, Apple iPhone fans Hmm perhaps I should have a looksee of this case when I...