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Celebrity Bag: Kris Jenner's Gucci Cat Lock Bag

Celebrity Bag: Kris Jenner’s Gucci Cat Lock Bag

Who knew that the Gucci bags of Alessandro Michele would fly off the shelves once they hit the shop floors? I certainly didn’t expect that. The very first time we were introduced to the Dionysus bag, I thought that there was no way that the logo-a- gogo bag would become a favorite among bag lovers....
Celebrity Bag: Kendall Jenner's Givenchy Pandora

Celebrity Bag: Kendall Jenner’s Givenchy Pandora

I know, I know, there is really this obsession that I (and maybe you too) have with Kendall Jenner. I’m so over Kim Kardashian hahaha, but Kendall Jenner, I think she’ll be my girl crush for quite a bit, especially after seeing her so many times on and off the catwalk in the last 2...
Celebrity Bag: Kylie Jenner's Gray Locks Dyed to Match Her Givenchy Antigona

Celebrity Bag: Kylie Jenner’s Gray Locks Dyed to Match Her Givenchy Antigona

So word has it that Kylie Jenner had some work done on her extra pouty lips of late (they look good on her somehow– at least in this photo haha). I’m not really about to go on and on about her lips because quite frankly, that girl can do whatever she wants with her face...

Celebrity Bag: Kylie Jenner and Celine

Looks like Kardashian- Jenner sister Kylie has been good this year because she was gifted by her siblings with not one but two Celine luggage totes!! Looks like she got herself a micro and a tri-colored nano! Can’t wait to see how she carries them. x TheBagHag Follow Share on Tumblr