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Back in Manila + Gifts Reveal!

Back in Manila + Gifts Reveal!

Hey peeps! Been so massively jetlagged over the days of being back in Manila and each time I attempted to blog, I just end up dozing off. Haha note to self: don’t blog in bed. Anyway it has been a pretty quiet (thank God no drama lol), with my 1st day spent at the Fox...

Off to San Francisco!

Was so busy packing and running errands today to write a bag post 🙁 I’m off to San Francisco with family for the Christmas holiday so expect to see travel and more bag posts before Christmas 🙂 Follow Share on Tumblr

Motilo x Matches… Christmas Wish List Come True!

Can you already feel Christmas in the air? I’m sure you’ve already begun shopping for gifts for  loved ones and good friends, but here’s the question– what about for yourself? I know, I know. Year on year, I always hear people say that they’re already spent the money they set aside for themselves because they...