Today I flew out to Amanpulo for Shu Uemura’s special preview launch of their newest line from the Tsuya collection. It’s always nice to come back to Amanpulo. If there was one place on earth I’d like to spend my vacation days in, it has to be in the Philippines (I love my own country :D) and on this island.  It is not often that I get the chance to come back to this island.
View from the plane as we were about to land
I save up for vacations like this (like reaaalllly save up lol), so it was such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy this island once more courtesy of Shu Uemura Philippines as this global cosmetics giant is to introduce revolutionizing products that promise a more youthful, rejuvenated, invigorated skin.  Amanpulo was the perfect venue for the launch, really.

Amanpulo is as beautiful as I remembered her…  The white sand was whiter and finer than ever.

Could not resist a dip in the sea. The water was so warm and so inviting. Could’ve stayed in the warm water (as fishes were swimming around) for a longer period of time…

Shot by Suki Salvador of Mega Magazine

But had to get ready for the Shu Uemura presentation and dinner. Before heading back to our beach casita, another souvenir shot was necessary (camwhoring, hello lol)– after all, it’s not often I get to enjoy the sunset at Amanpulo… and oh, P.S. my attempts at tanning were futile. I never tan. Sob. You see, if I stay under the sun too long (even with the right tanning lotion or oil), I always end up getting fried like an egg (or a lobster for that matter), turning beet red, peeling (ohhh sooo painful), and then going back to being pale again :( Boo!

Shot by Suki Salvador of Mega Magazine
After getting changed for the presentation- dinner, we headed to the beach club where the new Shu Uemura products were to be unveiled for the first time. 

The Tsuya Essence Serum and UV Under Base Youthful and Radiance Mousse. I am excited to use both products because I do know I have very tired skin as a result of sleep deprivation (well it’s really my fault to begin with because I have zero discipline when it comes to my sleep-wake/work schedule) and also because of all that traveling which has for sure wreaked havoc on my skin as well. The Tsuya line promises to invigorate the skin, giving it that nice “jolt” which rejuvenates the cells, giving skin a more youthful feel and appearance in the end.

Another product that got me really excited is the Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil which will also be out in Shu Uemura boutiques soon. This seems to be a premium cleansing oil as it contains 8 botanical origin oils with 8 skincare benefits!
This contains skincare essential oils like olive oil (anti- oxidants), camellia oil (for skin nourishing), and ginger root (for wrinkle and skin damage- prevention) among others. This would be a very helpful product for me as I need a cleansing oil that not only wipes off the makeup from my face but also helps nourish my skin. I think the Ultime8 Cleansing Oil is a winner and is a must- have in every woman’s cosmetics cabinet/ case.

Here is something you should know about me if you don’t already– I haven’t gone to the dermatologist in 10 years prior to a recent visit where my skin doctor informed me my skin needs to be taken cared of better because of the damage it has already suffered (ahhh age + elements like the sun, weather, etc). I had never really invested in a lot of beauty products for my skin in the past, but I realize now that there is a need to, only to ensure that my skin does not get damaged any further. So when I write about beauty products on the blog (which is not often), I really look forward to using them because I do know that they will be beneficial to me in the long run. And I don’t just entrust myt skin to any brand.
Shu Uemura is a brand that I trust, only because it has worked so well for my skin. I always have my makeup done by the wonderful makeup artists at Shu Uemura– from Manila with Cindy Pineda  to Singapore where Teresa Tan had worked on my face for the Fendi event.

Thank you, Shu Uemura PH for arranging this with artist Teresa Tan!
After the presentation where Claire used Ultime8 Essential Oil and the Tsuya line on model and my roommate Kelly,
we all headed outdoors for dinner. What a beautifully laid out table! All arranged by The Event Architects’ Ferdi Salvador.

So impressive! Did you see the “Shu Uemura” labeled glass candle holders? The Event Architects (TEA) really know how to work their magic. I appreciate details like these.

What an incredibly magical night it had been! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, Shu Uemura!