First it was Bea Valdez, and then it was Celestina (Tina Ocampo) at Vogue.

This year, it was Rajo Laurel, and then Wynn Wynn Ong at WWD.

And then, the biggest explosion to date, the Philippines’ very own blogger, Bryanboy. On Vogue. The Power Issue (thickest one of the year) of American Vogue to be exact. 

No words can describe how I feel for Bryan. I met this guy back in 2005, shortly after I had given birth to my second child. We had remained in touch all these years. Seen this guy go through trials thrown his way, “werq” his blog from something very personal to something so global, (such an inspiration!) so much so that Marc Jacobs named a bag after him, and then gave him that very same bag. 

And then that front row photo that haunted me (and my friends hahaha) coz he sat just inches away from Anna Wintour *I still gasp when I see that photo hahaha*– but more importantly, because he was invited to sit on the FRONT ROW at Dolce and Gabbana
And then now, he’s on the pages  (take note, plural :D) of American Vogue, THE fashion bible!!
(Bryan’s on the bottom left– nice outfit!! By whom? :D)
(I see Bryan in a Chanel fantasy tweed jacket next to Garance Doré, another blogger whose work I really admire :D)

(Sorry Bryan, had to “steal” your photos  since I don’t have Vogue  in my hands yet!)

I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual March issue so I could pore over this feature! I am sincerely very, very happy to see Bryan on the Fashion Bible. Plus I am also soooo proud that another Filipino is now famously immortalized on  the pages of Vogue!  Let’s all be happy for one of our own 🙂
Congratulations, BRYAN!!!! 🙂  *Champagne toast! hehe* 
You have “arrived”!! WoooHoooo!!!
Now, let’s all hope more Filipinos get international exposure soon. This country’s been producing serious talent and the world HAS to know about it ! 🙂

Congratulatory remarks aside, I am now officially packing my luggage, and no, though I WISH I am flying to New York to meet up with Tina aka BagSnob (a bag blog which I always, always read– coz she’s the TRUE baghag! :D) and Bryanboy (who officially “introduced” us  hehehe), I am not *sob*. I would really loooove to, but hahaha the funds, people, the funds! We need the funds to fly all the way to Nueva York *expensivoe*! hehehe :).
New York I may not be going to, but I am still off with friends to a nice city in Asia where it’s cold and where the fish is always served fresh 😉 Guessed it yet? 😀

Til the next post, a Travelog at that  😉

Mrs. T