This much can be said about Tod’s and the great men who run it– it’s all about luxury. Diego della Valle is keen on making an impression when it comes to the brand’s presentations. In Milano, it was at Villa Necchi. In Paris for the Signature collection, it’s at the Italian Embassy in Rue de Varenne.

Now you already must know by now that the Signature collection of Tod’s is defined by the gommino “imprints.” Last season saw bright and bold colors in patent leather. This AW2012-13 season is all about textures. 
Yes it is suede, and seriously I never thought I’d love suede on a bag again, until this bag came along. And a play on textures is to pair suede with shearling! This is what’s hot for fall!

And if suede is really not for you, go for the patent leather, of course! In this case, I suggest and recommend getting the patent “peacock” doctor bag. I can vouch for the easy wearibility of this bag. It’s classic, but the color gives the classic-ness a lot of oomph! 

You can always get the tote too, if the doctor bag is not your style.

Go for the peacock colored one!!

OMG hello, doctor bag in deep purple suede with shearling? The color is really something else! This is really soooo striking! Classic shape + unconventional color= one very “exciting” bag!

Speaking of striking, something in mandarin orange, perhaps?

Looks good enough to peel and eat 😀
After watching a “show” which featured the signature imprint onto architectural shapes and digital landscapes (quite brilliantly put together, actually)  that was projected onto the Italian embassy ceiling, 
a select group of us were taken to this very quaint little restaurant Lapérouse, where we had a private dinner with Diego’s guests– oh, like Nicole Kidman, Lee Radziwill, Ines dela Fressange 🙂 I know, I’m not ashamed to admit this but it was honestly hard not to be starstruck. I had to bring some of my dignity with me and try hardest not to look too eager to meet her LOL.

In the end though, I did meet her, thanks to Tod’s CEO Diego della Valle– because he was the one who personally introduced us! I also met Diego’s very handsome young nephew Leonardo, whom I presume will be taking over the business one day 🙂 Tycoon in the making!
Oh what a night it was! And while the company for dinner proved unforgettable, the Tod’s signature collection for AW2012- 13 was still very much on my mind. I had been meaning to get a clutch (I’m almost obsessed with small bags/ clutches of late), so perhaps now is the right time for it! 🙂 You should get one too!