At the last minute, I decided to put up a small get- together with friends for my birthday last June at the really quaint and cute Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. I had no intention of throwing a party, really. But I was with my kids when I passed by this cupcake place and thought the place looked interesting from the outside, so I went in.

van26I didn’t expect to find the cutest set-up of a cupcake place/ restaurant inside– you have to get past the sinfully- filled cupcake vitrines


to see the treasure of a  place “in the back”!


And so, two days before the “decided” day to throw a party, I planned a party. It was chaotic to plan at the last minute, but together with the very accommodating folks at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, it happened.

In the pouring rain on a Friday night in Makati, friends of mine came– wearing costumes! I figured if I were to throw a get together with my fun- loving friends, I might as well ask them to put on a wig, wear a costume or wear something different  *I was thinking along the lines of Alice in Wonderland, but haha I don’t think we kept to the them* :) . Most of them did come, in costume– much to my delight!

Cupcakes overflowed that night,



along with special juices and drinks and pass- around sandwiches, mini tapsilog rice ramekins, salads, sinful cheeseburgers, and excellent fish and chips (highly recommended)!




Vanilla Cupcake Bakery also gifted me with a beautiful “cups” cake

van25which everyone adored (and I could not bring myself to eat the cake even after a few days later haha).


It was an incredibly memorable night filled with food, laughter, and wonderful stories of friendship, of travels, and of just plain ol’ silly fun! I could not help but feel emotional about that wonderful night, just grateful to have been given another fun- filled year of life!!

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is located on the Ground Floor of Glorietta 3 (beside Family Mart and along the row of Gold’s Gym), Makati City. There is also a super cute Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branch at Alabang Town Center (very Alice in Wonderland).

Should you also wish to throw your party there like I did, here are their contact numbers:
Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Glorietta 3: (632) 401-6162 *contact person: Dan*
Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Alabang Town Center: (632) 425-6238 *contact person: Luz*
Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Trinoma: (632) 425-7005 *contact person: Rhea*