This is really not a new bag, but darn it I keep revisiting this particular bag style because it is just really such a good bag to use and to carry!! And after I thought I got over the Antigona, Givenchy produces it in this rich blue hue.

Ogle ogle ogle at this gorgeous Givenchy Antigona in Tanzanite- Indigo Blue !!!

Whyyyyyyyy???? It pains me to drool over this because I knooow I don’t need another Antigona in my life, nor do I need another blue bag. But ugh, it is just soooo tempting! I saw this bag in person and I just stared at it for a good 5 minutes, and did the usual “bag test drive” and then somehow successfully convinced myself that “I did not need a new bag”– all while chanting that phrase over and over again under my breath like a madwoman lol.  And still the bag comes back to haunt me. Is this a sign? Quick, someone! Anyone! Buy this bag! Save me 🙂

This gorgeous Givenchy Antigona Tanzanite- Indigo Blueicon is currently available for purchase HERE !

P.S. Boys (errr make that MEN), get this bag for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day please!!!