What do you see at airports? Well if it’s the Philippine airport, you probably won’t see much. But since it’s the HK airport, you see lotsa eye candy!

Gucci. There’s this new Gucci bag that looks like a diaper bag (in fact, it looks like the Chanel tote from my previous post). Speaking of chic diaper bags, LV also came out with a nice diaper bag (called Sac a Langer) in Mini Lin blue and black πŸ˜€ *Priced at Php 108K!*

Hermes. That huge travelling bolide is a wonderful addition to your first class travels πŸ˜€ Me likey, but I think it looks too heavy!

Chanel. What is this sequin- like purse with the chain strap? I also saw the slanted logo bags. Not really doing it for me, to be honest. But the navy perforated jumbo 2.55 bag I saw was really nice!! Thing is, I’m not gonna be too hot about perforated bags next season… And I don’t know if the other baghags will be either…

Hong Kong is really predominantly a Louis Vuitton country. If you live in Hong Kong and don’t own a Louis Vuitton, then you’re not really a Hong Kongese *is that a word? hehe* Check this photo out. Almost everyone on the street is carrying an LV!

Soon, we will be going to another LV country (actually, LV and Hermes!!!). And I can’t be grateful enough for my DB and DM for paying for our upcoming trip. DH and I freeload so much from my side of the family, I often wonder when my DB and DM will start charging us for all those times we freeloaded on them hahaha uh- oh.. *Ding!* Bright idea! Someone should tell DH to just give me pocket money equivalent to the price my family pays for our trips… *Scoff, yeeah right, I’m dreaming!! Bawl* . Too bad we can’t freeload on DH’s family *teehee I know, I’m a bad bad biatchy goily for thinking that hahaha*

Woops, in all that fun-filled discussion about freeloading, I forgot to disclose where we are going!! Off to Japan we go!!! *Wooooohooooooo*. So there, now you hags all know which other “designer” country we are heading off to in a month’s time πŸ™‚ I finally shared my plans– now can YOU share where you plan to go for the holiday? That way we can also perhaps all share places to go and things to see!!! *Excited!*

And since you insist on seeing my HK loot, let me share this with you then πŸ™‚ Please welcome the newest member of my bag family! Can you guess what she is? πŸ™‚

P.S. TRESOR is also offering a Hermes Kelly in 32cm Black Chevre leather with silver palladium hardware– this is an extremely rare combination of color with leather. It is slightly used but has no scuffs on the corners or on the leather itself. There are some “indentation” marks on the bottom of the bag and on the inside bottom, but other than that, everything is sheer perfection. It will come complete with box, shoulder strap, dustbags, keys, and lock. The reason why I put an Hermes covered dustbag without a bag photo is, the Kelly is NOT with me at the moment. I will only bring it in once I have found a buyer. It’s a pretty basic bag and you can’t really go wrong. The leather is fantastic and is in my opinion, the best. It’s very light, and it’s definitely on the expensive side (think Suhali of Louis Vuitton). Made in 2005. Priced below retail at US$6,850. If you are interested, please contact (+63916) 758-0857.

Oh and of course, lastly *and more importantly*, the April Issue of W Magazine is now out in newsstands πŸ™‚ I wished our work was acknowledged, but oh wellohwell it wasn’t πŸ˜€ (although the photographer of Mrs.M as well as her maid were acknowledged there haha). Here’s a photo of Mrs.M on the magazine. I took a few “behind the scenes” photographs while the shoot took place, and this is one of them– and here’s the photo that photographer BenHoffman took of moi πŸ˜€ (I know I am fat on the photo– I gained 10 lbs during the holidays and this photo was taken a day after I had arrived from my vacation haha) I love it that BenH signed it too! Now this polaroid photo can be framed πŸ˜€ *hehe shallow!!* It’s not often I go into self-obsession mode– but I have to on this one just because I sat on the very chair that Mrs.M got photographed on by one of the international magazines’ top portrait photographer *and her photo got published!* Sorry for being so shallow πŸ™‚ But please allow me this just this once πŸ˜€

Please go buy the W magazine April Issue if you can πŸ™‚ You can also read the story at Style.com