Oh wow! I have always loved Japan not only for the beauty of the country but also for the food and for the shopping– they seem to have the most unique trinkets out of all the countries I’ve ever been to. Not to mention practically having EVERY single designer merchandise that’s on the “most desirable” or “sold out everywhere” list available for purchase (for a song, most of the time hahaha).
So when I saw that RAKUTENicon(a leading auction shopping site in Japan) extended their shipping services internationally, I was more than excited! If you don’t know this yet, RAKUTEN happens to also carry a LOT of Hermes birkins. And I do know for a fact that a lot of the local black market resellers in the Philippines have been getting their birkins there as well– so there you have it, the “secret source” is finally revealed :)

And since today, Manny Pacquiao won his fight against Mosley + his wife Jinkee loves birkins, and even his Mommy Dionisia had expressed a desire to own a Php 1M birkin for her birthday, I figured today’s a good day to write about Hermes birkins :D 

Of course at RAKUTENicon, you pay black market prices for the most coveted birkin (a downside), but if you have the moolah to spend and well, zero emotional quotient to wait, then RAKUTEN may very well be the best answer for your birkin hankering.

Here are the latest Hermes birkin colors, and if your wallet can take the price (and if you can handle Philippine Customs duties and taxes which in itself can be a major obstacle), then I say go for it!

Hermes Birkin Mykonos Blue 30cm Clemence with Gold Hardware

A better version of the Blue Jean in my opinion– with gold hardware too!!

More candy colors like this Hermes Birkin Kiwi Green 30cm Epsom with Silver Hardware

This is gorgeous!!!

Hermes Birkin Lemon Lime Yellow 30cm Epsom with Silver Hardware

Or if you are into the pinks, then the Hermes Birkin Rose Tyrien 35cm Epsom with Silver Hardware

I’ve seen this bag color up close and all I could say was “WOOOOOOOW”!!!

I’ve singled out L’Eccrin shop for all the Hermes birkins as I’ve personally been to their shop in Omotesando and have been able to see their merchandise and while they were really really overpriced, the ones I’ve seen there are authentic. *To be honest, if it were up to me, I’d rather wait it out at the Hermes boutique, but if you can’t wait and want to be the first among your friends to have the desired birkin, then RAKUTEN Hermes Birkin Shopping is your answer :)*.

So that’s that! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

P.S. So happy to read my story on my “Royal Wedding Experience” on the Philippine Daily Inquirer *the Philippines’ #1 newspaper!*. Click HERE for the story :)



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