I hung out with my kids yesterday and I had a blast. I wish I have more of those kinds of days when I can just stay with them and in my DK’s words “do nothing”, and not go to work– now that would be a luxury (one that I still can’t afford).

Anyway throughout the day, I wore a pair of strappy wedges. Very, very comfortable 2 (almost 3) year old wedges. The thing is, now that I am home, my feet– to be exact, the top part (where all your veins are) are VERY cold– again. And tonight, it’s almost as cold as ice!Β  If you remember, this is not the first time it happened too.Β  Back then, my friends informed me that I should try wearing rubber slippers when taking a shower so my feet don’t get in direct contact with the cold floor. I did that– it worked for awhile (hence the cold feet post absence). I also wore thick socks to sleep *TWO pairs of thick socks, by the way*. That eventually worked too. Had some foot massages to make sure my circulation is all good. That also worked somehow.

But now, the cold feet are back *bawls*. I know I know, this is a rather senseless post about my feet *umm… yuck?*, but I was still editing my photo album when I came across a photo that made me rethink my feet’s current predicament.
Hehehehehe. Another never before seen and never will be seen in my album again photo of Mrs. T. Naughty, naughty, naughty πŸ˜€ Here I was, sniffing the foot of a gigantic ancient statue in Egypt a few years ago.
WAIT. *South Park moment (of silence)*
Oh crap!!!Β  I think this was the foot of Anubis… Uh ohhhhhhhh *gulp*…Β 

Could this be foot karma? Oh Lawrd, I hope the foot god is not punishing meeee!!! *Muwahahaha*

Anyway, since I did mention wearing wedges earlier, have you peeps seen the Louis Vuitton Tease Me Sandal campaign?
(photo from Louis Vuitton)
Waaaaahh!!! Who likes this? I personally love it! And can I add that LV wedges are very comfortable? Hoooo boy, looks like someone will need to “mummify” the feet to keep it nice and toasty until these gorgeous sandals hit the Louis Vuitton floors!
*Oh and I have to pray I can afford them too, or have a sponsor for them too right? But then again, we’re on the subject of having cold feet, and not being in financial hell*
Sheesh. I digress.