I felt blue and quite “drained” yesterday because my eldest DK was sick. A trip to our pediatrician (thank you for the intial intro to him, Vic!!) made things a little better for my petit boss. DK‘s a bit better now. *Big sigh of relief*
Speaking of my pediatrician, I was floored to find out that his whole house burned down over the Christmas holiday!! Do you peeps know why? No, it was not the Christmas lights. It was because of his FRESH PINE Christmas tree, bought locally (this big chain supermarket brings in fresh pine trees every Christmas).
Most of the fresh Christmas trees being sold in San Francisco (at the time we were there) were Fir trees– I hardly saw any Pine. It’s because Pine was established as a high flammable tree, coupled with lights. My pediatrician was hurt and had burns and was unable to save his 2 other dogs *sooo sad 🙁 :(* But luckily, no one else got hurt. The fire was put off by the firemen eventually.  So here’s a lesson peeps (and this is one my pediatrician would like to advice everyone as well): DO NOT BUY FRESH PINE CHRISTMAS TREES (even if you don’t have plans of putting lights around it). These are more flammable than plastic ones!!!


While our good doctor was at the Emergency Room, he was able to phone *albeit painfully* his house help to go to his room to salvage the remains of his watch collection. The firemen were still in the house at that time when one of his helpers mentioned needing to go back up to the Doctor’s room to get his watches. At that point, the firemen said that they can’t allow her to go up, and said they’ll check it for her. She told the firemen where the watches were. Guess what, the firemen never turned over a single watch. The watches were GONE. And they were not burned. So guess where the watches are now? 🙁 One good guess, peeps!
What a sad Christmas it was for our pediatrician. He had to spend it in the hospital, with burns on his head and on his hands. And he lost his dogs and his other “investments” like the watches, his doctor’s bag with his equipment, etc ! But thank God he’s much better now. Life is  ultimately irreplaceable, unlike those other “material” things. But sigh, poor poor doggies 🙁 🙁

Anyway,  I’m just happy that he’s ok. He’s a very good pediatrician and a real nice guy! Now, going back to what I did today– while my DK slept during the day, I decided to make myself happy– no, I didn’t go online (although that could’ve made me happy too haha). I decided to prepare me something in the kitchen.

Yes, I am not a cook although I think I’d like to take Nigella Lawson’s place
(I like her because she has a nice, “crisp” British accent.. hehehe) as the domestic kitchen goddess (or wait, Giada De Laurentiis
is good too hahah) *muwahahaha… I already failed even before I attempted to pit myself against either of them- hello, looks alone would’ve already killed me come comparison time. Hahahaha* (photos taken from their websites)

Ok enough wannabe-ing for today. I just want to share this super easy, no- cook (well, technically almost no- cook) “summer” pasta with you guys.  For me, this is the best summer pasta because it is light, and refreshing to the palate.

Here are the ingredients, all of which I got from my local supermarket (at the Power Plant Mall, natch :D)

1 pack of just- ripe cherry tomatoes
1/2 pack of fresh basil leaves (take out the stems)
4-5 garlic cloves, minced
1 bottle of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1/2 fresh lemon for squeezing
Salt and pepper to taste

Pasta used: Thin string pasta like angel hair  ( I used De Cecco Capellini)

For the mixture/ sauce:

Wash the tomatoes and slice in half each cherry tomato and de-seed. Set aside all seeds in one small cup. Strain the seeds and take the remaining tomato liquid and put into the bowl with the halved cherry tomatoes. Chop the washed fresh basil leaves into thin strips and mix into the bowl with cherry tomatoes. You can add more or take out basil leaves, depending on how strong you want the basil flavor. Drizzle the tomato-basil mixture with EVOO and mix in the minced garlic. Using a wooden spoon, mix all the ingredients together, adding salt and pepper (or if you have herb salt) to taste. I like my mixture salty, so you can imagine how much salt I use 🙂  If you want a little texture in this mixture, I suggest using rock sea salt with iodized salt. It gives the mixture a nice little crunch of saltiness in every other bite 🙂

For pasta:

Here’s a secret that gives pasta a lot more flavor (and you can opt not to do this): Use liquid chicken stock (don’t use a bouillon because the flavor is so much stronger) to boil the pasta (according to the boxed directions). If you don’t want to use chicken stock, just add enough salt to the water to give the pasta a little flavor.

After the pasta’s al dente, just scoop it off the water and put directly onto the plate. Pour over the tomato basil EVOO mixture, add more olive oil if you want the pasta coated with oil, and squeeze a little lemon juice out of the lemon around.

Then toss the pasta with mixture. A little more salt and pepper to taste, and voila, it’s ready to be served 🙂

If you have some toasted pine nuts, you can add them into this dish too 😀 Oh, and don’t forget to add some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Or if you can find a nice block of aged Asiago cheese (I love the nuttiness of Asiago), go for it 😀

I admit this pasta is one that not many kids can appreciate (because of the apearance of basil. Basil= vegetables hahaha. Kids and veggies don’t always mix.  But hmm… then again kids love pesto), but I’m pretty sure this pasta is good for one who loves veggies or one who is on a diet 😀 *it’s not fattening! Well ok, if you want it carb free, then you can just forego the pasta and this’ll make a nice salad too!*

It’s funny how cooking has somewhat become my “thing” for 2010. Don’t worry, this baghag still has no plans of going into the food business (I didn’t say “never” because you should never say “never” :D)– at least there’s no chance I’d be behind kitchen doors hahaha. I can cook for la famille (and they can’t really complain or else… hahaha), but I can’t invite friends over to taste my cooking (I did that once– I made coconut milk and garlic crabs with vermicelli. The hardest thing I’ve ever done. Never again!!! Muwahahaha… at least not in the near future).
Now that I felt better after having cooked and having shared the recipe (if it’s bland, don’t blame me, just add more salt hehehehe) *and having eaten, meaning I’m now full and contented*, my thoughts veered away from food and back into bags.
THIS brand and style in particular. 🙁 *bawls*


is still on my mind. *Screams* But it’s sold out. However, the Ink blue in oversized version is on pre- order and will be available come March.


*I just realized blue is my lucky color for 2010… hmmm*

Available at Luisaviaroma. (by the way, Yes, Luisaviaroma SHIPS to the PHILIPPINES!)    

Take note, I have been real obedient with my credit cards *oye my I paid my latest bill already hahaha*, and I haven’t made any major purchases for January *haha* I’m crazy to call myself “real obedient” when some people don’t even buy a bag for the whole year!* Yeah yeah, I’m too high maintenance yaddi yadda yadda.

Anyway, looks like I should work harder (or learn how to cook better) to make a living 😀 Cha Ching, cha ching!!!

Hope your day was better than mine! And Gawd, I hope my day’s a lot better tomorrow! *Crosses fingers*

P.S. Important Bag News Flash!!! I was able to check a “Hermes” gray 40cm birkin in what seemed to be pebbled clemence leather with gold hardware. Stamped M. That bag turned out to be a VERY GOOD FAKE. Here’s the scarier piece of news– the counterfeiters are getting extremely good. Even the interior lining seems to be chevre already (or leather that closely resembles chevre). Photos of the fake Hermes birkin are in our store phone (coz I forgot to bring my camera this afternoon since I took food photos at home and had left the camera on the dining table). Anyway, please please please be VERY careful when buying an “Hermes” birkin. I highly recommend that you go straight to Hermes in Greenbelt, or should you spend for one through an online transaction, go with reputable resellers like Portero.com

Mrs. T