Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you can allow me to share my excitement on today’s post (I promise this is not going to be a regular occurrence) :) 

It has been a crazy but fantastic week (and I hope it was great for you all too). My week was filled with wonderful surprises which began with my children getting academic and leadership awards in school *I am proudest of that!! Proud mama bear moment :D*, being hosted a most amazing experience to Singapore courtesy of the most wonderful team from Fendi (more on what we did soon- apart from the Fendi Baguette Mania event), a really fun meeting with the lovely ladies from Prada and from Gucci Singapore, the most pleasant time spent with friends who now live in the beautiful and efficient Lion City, and then coming home to see a newspaper feature on Philippine Star today. 
I am so honored to be one of the ladies handpicked by the team of Philippine Star Allure to be featured in “Women of Allure” :) I am in excellent company– with Daphne Paez, Tootsy Angara, Maureen Disini, Xandra Padilla, Barbie Tiangco, and Alex Escat among other equally amazing women.  The shoot happened at the Manila Diamond Hotel, under the directions of Bum Tenorio and Luis Espiritu, while I had the most candid interview with Kristel Lagorza– it was a very light and completely humorous one :) LOL I don’t think anyone can really take me seriously because I laugh so much :)
Now, I figured I ought to wear clothes by a Filipino designer to this shoot. There are so many designers in the Philippines that are incredibly talented. If only I had the time, I’d have had clothes made by them. But the problem I have is time really– because designers will require you to come back for fittings and I can’t seem to manage my time well enough to squeeze an hour or two for them :( So I was grateful there are some designers who now have off-the-rack collections. 
One of them is a designer from Cebu named Jun Escario.
I ended up picking Jun’s very feminine pastel dresses for the shoot.  Bum Tenorio put me in Miladay jewels so I was dripping in diamonds for the hour of the shoot *sparkle sparkle bliiiing bliiiiing!!* (I wanted to take them home as my souvenir but Bum wouldn’t let me hahaha). I felt like a million bucks in them LOL!! :)
 Here are some outtakes :) 
I love this Jun Escario dress– it’s fully beaded and has a pleated skirt, cinched at the waist with a ribbon belt
Pia Reyes did my makeup, while seen here is Alee Benson who worked on my hair :)

This was the beautiful yellow Jun Escario dress that wasn’t picked out, but I loved the form so much I just had to take a photo with it :D

And here you have it, the “Women of Allure” section which was published today on Philippine Star :) 

Shot by Rita Marie Abiog
Ok now that that’s over with, it’s time to come back down from Cloud 9 :) Thank you for allowing me to share my personal happiness with you all today :) 
Happy Sunday everyone! It’s back to bag blogging for this ol’ hag tomorrow :)