Chanel seemed to be the accessories brand of choice by 2 artists at the 2013 MTV Music Awards. First up, the controversial Miss Miley Cyrus who lit what seems to be a joint onstage after she took it out of her Chanel bag.


And the second, Katy Perry who accessorized her look with a Chanel belt, Chanel necklace, and Chanel charm bracelet. (Anyone know if her frock and shoes are also by Chanel?)


Here’s another shot of Katy


I love that Chanel No.5 bottle (I think I’m obssessed with all Chanel bottles haha). I have Chanel No.5 bottle envy– especially after I saw the Chanel No.5 perspex bag that is probably soon-to-be available in-stores at select Chanel boutiques (for a price most likely in excess of US$9,000 *faints*):

chanelbottle1 chanelbottle2

It’s toooo pretty (and is too bloody pricey!!!)


Photo credit: Pinterest

Ahhh Chanel, Chanel, Chanel… please, price freeze on everything for 5 years pleeeeease šŸ™‚