And Miranda (Kerr) carries Prada 😉

mirandaprada mirandaprada2The more recent bags by Prada have been about classic shapes, reinvented. And Prada is back on the spotlight once again as Miuccia is one of the 2 designers (the other being legendary costume designer Catherine Martin) who produced in total, 40 bespoke pieces for the most anticipated “best- dressed” movie of the year, The Great Gatsby.

thegreatgatsby Here are some movie stills– the movie shows in a week, if I’m not mistaken 🙂 *Excited!!*



Now, going back to bags at Prada, I still am liking this particular 2 toned tote,


although somehow this reminds me of the Celine two- toned Edge (not the same, but I guess the white panels made it look similar)


(which I also happened to seriously like)… What do you think?