One of the women I have come to love is Bollywood star Kangna Ranaut. I met her at the Tod’s private dinner back in Paris and I found her so incredibly beautiful! It helps too that she carries an equally beautiful clutch from the Tod’s Signature Collection– in yellow!

Nicole Kidman is also of course, another woman I have long admired, and she too, is a big fan of the Tod’s Signature Collection. (P.S. She is half my body size, but one full head taller! I was yes, starstruck when I met her LOL)

I’ve always been more of a Tod’s D Bag kind of girl, but I really think it’s time I find myself that perfect color of a clutch in the Tod’s Signature Collection. I keep seeing these bags in the arms and hands of my favorite celebrities that it’s already making me wish I had one!  I’ve been so torn between the thinner flap clutch in this darker shade of blue

Or this classic flap with chain in a lighter blue shade.

Hmmm or maybe a red one? LOL


Oh Tod’s, you really make it so difficult for girls like me to pick just one! Don’t we all wish money grew on trees? :D 

Which bag would you pick?