Hey everyone! Sorry for not having posted anything yesterday as I was busy packing for my trip to a place with temperatures in the negatory region. The last time I went to such a place was Russia, where I was surprisingly able to enjoy temperatures of between -2 to -5. That was quite fun but as you can imagine, my luggage was overweight even before we left! This time though, my luggage is very light, prompting me to think I underpacked. Oh well what’s the worst thing that can happen to me? Freeze my buns off? Hah, we’ll see. Thermals are soon-to-be my best friend 🙂 Anyway, will do travelog very soon! 🙂 Bag review time!

Now, most of us obviously haven’t had enough of the Cambridge Satchels- Cross Body Bags. Meanwhile, thought I was over that “look” but obviously not. Because I just spotted this Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie Colorblocked Messenger Bagicon and I’m actually taking a serious liking to it! 

Unlike the Cambridge Satchels which are made of very structured and smooth but tough leather, this Marc by Marc bag is made from very soft and buttery leather. And yes, it’s color- blocked! The interior of the bag will make you like the bag even further– because it was this that sealed the deal for me.
It’s not just the colorful signature lining that drew me in, it’s the pockets! There’s really nothing better than a bag that has a lot of pockets which allow you to organize the contents of your bag. Forget the bag “abyss” because bags with pockets make that non- existent. This bag is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenueicon. Whip out your wallets, peeps. *Did I tell you that Saksicon ships internationally? :D* This is a keeper!