I just came from the Speedo Presentation last night. I went with my friend who is the wife of Speedo’s Corporate Secretary and we just had a blast! Anyway I will save the Speedo blog for tomorrow because I need to upload show photos and it might take awhile. I need to sleep since I have an early morning thing tomorrow.


Anyway, onto bag talk 🙂 I think it’s not too much of a generalization when I say that women won’t mind owning a pink bag– a fuchsia one! I say this because I remember Hermes mentioning fuchsia being the most coveted color for the birkin because of Victoria Beckham.

Now I wonder how we can resist this Loewe classic satchel in bright pink.

My mom has this satchel in camel suede which she has bought some 18 years ago, and she still loves the bag (obvs- or the bag will already be in my possession hahaha). Here’s an updated version of her bag with a little marriage of pink.

photo credits: Style.com

I’m honestly not too keen on the pink although it does add a pop of color to the neutral. Anyway I am all for this Loewe bag style because it’s a very easy bag to carry. The zipper pulls go all the way down to the sides so you won’t get your hand “bitten” by the zipper teeth when you need to pull out your ringing phone 😀

Loving the Loewe bags. I should’ve had one of these by now and am actually wondering why I still don’t own one *ohhhh I’m still waiting for mom’s hahahaha*

Mrs. T