The Speedy Bandouliere is the answer to all the latest bags with detachable straps! It’s time to go back to the classics again. Remember this bag– the bag that started all the bag craze? I called this the pandora bag– when you start with this, you go onward to liking even more bags 😀

As modeled by Caroline Sieber and shot by Boo George,


The Speedy Bandouliere is the perfect bag for travel, now that it has that all- important strap! Created in 1930 after the success of the Keepall, this bag was launched and aimed at those who travel.
A few years ago, I would always worry about the vachetta leather acquiring a patina, but now I actually can’t wait for the patina! This new version of the speedy actually reminds me of the vintage speedy with that leather stripe which goes underneath the bag (and its sides).

This may be a little more expensive than the regular speedy bags, but I can already tell you that having that strap makes it worth the price!

Available now at the Louis Vuitton boutique in Greenbelt 5, Makati and worldwide.

Oh and speaking of Louis Vuitton, I am excited with Louis Vuitton’s announcement a few days ago of their “partnership” with SOS Children’s Villages in the Philippines (there are currently 8 in the country, with the first one set up in Lipa, Batangas). Jean- Baptiste Debains, president of Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific, was in town to discuss the partnership and their commitment to helping the children of these villages through education, skills training, and cooperation between other villages with their initial donation of over US$100,000. With proper education are the hopes of less child labor. And in line with this, Debains also discussed counterfeiting, child labor, and the company’s zero tolerance policy for it. 
This is a big help (and a good push for local authorities) from Louis Vuitton, and shows the commitment of the company in helping the Philippines. It always pleases me to hear big companies giving back 🙂
Angelina Jolie’s Core Values campaign for Louis Vuitton (with her LV Alto bag), shot by Annie Leibovitz in Cambodia