Thank you SO much everyone for joining the Marc Jacobs giveaway sponsored by the Philippines’ premier luxury group, Stores Specialists Inc.
The counting will begin today and recounting tomorrow just to be triply sure that it’s 100% accurate. For now, I just really am so grateful that you peeps have supported my blog by joining the contests! I will be posting all photos of winners as soon as everything’s done– but for now, 2 prizes have already been handed over to the winners, and I shall continue to coordinate with the other winners (the other 2 have already contacted me as well). 
Now onto other things! Can I just share something? I don’t know how you feel about Miu Miu’s Spring Summer 2010 shoe collection, but I am becoming more and more obsessed with some of them each day I look at them. Did you peeps see this collection in Miu Miu boutiques? Tell me how you liked/ disliked it, please!
A Paris- based blogger friend, Chicmuse, has a similar pair. Saw her wearing it in Florence. I liked it when I saw it, but the more I stared at it, the more I… well you know women and shoes 🙂 *sheepish grin*
What I really want is this pair because it’s PINK and it’s sparkly *It’s sooo girly!!!*:) Alexa Chung has a pair of these. Lucky girl!
Oh how I wish the shoe goddesses would be kind to me. You see, except for the S/S2010 clogs, 
pretty much everything else is sold out. *Sob* And I don’t really fancy these clogs…

Woops, speaking of clogs, I’m taking a serious liking to these denim clogs by Louis Vuitton. I tried them on and they were very, very comfortable!

Hmm… what do you think about these then?

 *Sigh* It’s not bags this month for this baghag. It’s shoes! 

Happy Saturday, everyone!! 🙂
Mrs. T

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